The personal site of RISCi_ATOM

Contained within this and other digital pages are the projects, thoughts and personal views of RISCi_ATOM; these views DO NOT reflect those of anyone else.

Reasons why you should NOT be here:

  • Looking for a resume (why would you?), it is here.
  • Want to know my stance on religion, I have none. If you want to convince me otherwise, GTFO. I'll gladly share my experience with religion(s) in full detail :)
  • If you want to call and bug someone, 1 (617) 642-8202 .
  • If you are looking to make an example out of someone (i'm sure you could find a better person).
  • Plan to ask me to fix your computer (Do you have the money for service)?
  • Need your XP machine fixed (only if you plan to use Free Software).

Now that these informalities are out of the way, please check back for updates in the future (if you are not offended).