Please don't fork me on GitHub.

What is wrong with GitHub?

While GitHub as a non-free platform has helped enable developers to collaborate on a wide variety of Free Software projects, it still has the following issues:

...The GPL is not focused on freedom. It's too long. Too many restrictions. -- Tom Preston-Werner OSCON2013

or how about:

Notice that everything we keep closed has specific business value that could be compromised by giving it away to our competitors. -- Tom Preston-Werner's blog

I could go on about GitHub, but it is pointless to beat a dead horse. The main reason that I do not endorse GitHub or other source code hosting platforms is because they are too centralized and promote the censorship of source code. In order to have a community that is free, it can't be pressured to censor itself and the source code needs to be shared in as many places as possible. For the libreCMC project, I chose to use Fossil gogs to manage its code because it allows anyone to pull everything (including the wiki) and re-host it in other places.

Where should I host and share my code?

NotABug could be a viable option. Again, we recommend hosting your own code ;)


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